The Stories of the War Stories of battlefield V are divided into single players, exploring different places and scenarios in the context of the Second World War. As with many previous combat games, the multiplayer experience of Battlefield V is a great attraction, if not the most important. With massive maps, a great variety of vehicles and several game modes to test, the battle V offers do not fail, but it does not advance the genre at all. The soundtrack of battlefield V is suitable for a visual presentation, with instrumental hymns serving as a sound background for single – player campaigns and multiplayer attacks. As with other recent EA titles, Battlefield V operates on the Frostbite 3 engine, which has proven to be able to support stunning visualizations and massive physical models for shooting, driving and flying.

In contrast to COD: Black operations 4, which concluded a single – person campaign, the cubes with War Stories about Battlefield V. Everyone’s favorite mode of Conquest returns to Battlefield V, with 32v32 action being as pleasant as ever. BF V is a solid introduction to the series and can be even better at the bottom of the series, with tons of additional content planned, especially the royal Battle mode for next year. BF V is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA cubes and published by Electronic art.

BF V returns to the place where the franchise began, using the European theatre of the Second World War as a background for shooting and fighting in multiplayer games. The nordlys boils down to a mixture of stealth and fighting that throws you like a single army that is sometimes pleasant, but does not go beyond the battles of the lone wolf – at least it shows some of the best parts of the game. At present, BF V has the characteristics to be implemented as part of its approach to the game – as – a – service ( called War Tides ), but for the time being there is enough to chew given the quality of the best modes. Additional modes ( including co-op ), new maps, another major operation mission, and the battle royale fire storm mode will be temporarily switched off between now and March 2019.

Electronic Arts and cubes return their series of successful shooters to World War 2 with Battlefield V is a good game, not a big game, which doesn’t solve any problems with the series. There are few changes, but it is understandable when you consider the series ‘first real attempt at a total reinvention – – a highly targeted, hard-line battlegrounds was a disaster for the company, and Battlefield has played it safely since then. A mode that has made it a bit better is haste, adding to the Bad Company Battlefield and, if we are honest, one of the best modes on the Battlefield in my opinion.

BF V threw the week at what seems to be a bit dull reaction compared to Battlefield 1. With “battle royale” as a new hot spot, EA’s decision to delay its own battle mode in 2019, the royal battle mode of Europe, leaving the package of USD 60 without any headlines. Massive, iconic maps, high – level mechanics of destruction, dynamic fortress construction and a variety of carbon adapters make Battlefield V one of the best in the series, even though it is one of the least ambitious. In line with EA’s widespread increase in micropayment, nothing can be bought in battle V with real money, although there is no reason to think that they will not add it later. The recovery of the basic card mode is back, with Rush and battle royale planned for future updates ( free ).

Enter the biggest conflict with the V of Battlefield of humanity, as the series returns to its roots in an unprecedented representation of the Second World War. Take physical multiplayer with your team in modes such as large Operations and cooperative Combined weapons, or watch the human drama fight in the history of single – player warfare. V Battlefield has many similarities with Battlefield 1 in appearance and style, despite the change from World War 1 to World War 2.

With COD Black Ops 4 that strengthened his campaign for a single player, it seems that Battlefield V missed a trick by not including the whole of his single – player campaign at the start – it was a good chance to knock out the calls of Duty fans who demanded an opportunity to play alone. All in all, Battlefield V is a beautiful shooter to see and play: the way it takes you deep into the horror ( and emotion ) of a terrifyingly realistic rendering of the Second World War is simply wonderful.

Battle V “follows the concept more or less, with a trio of stand-alone mini-campaigns that feature very different characters, from a pair of British SSI – the Special Squadron of Special ships, a precursor of modern military specialties – a young Norwegian fighter, and a regimented trial.

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