Dragonwar ELE G11 – Driver Download

Free download the driver for Dragonwar Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse. Also, learn How to change button functions and more about the Dragonwar ELE G11 mouse.
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About Dragonwar Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse

The Dragon War Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse will add more prowess and dexterity to your gaming experience, as well as give you a great control and accuracy to succeed in battle. Whether your characters are flying all across the screen or you are honing in on to your target, this mouse responds accurately to your hand movements to give you an edge in the gaming league.

Engineered for gaming, this mouse comes with six control buttons, giving you the flexibility to make the right moves in any game situation. Moreover, you can also use this mouse on any surface without any performance issues.

Go on gaming for hours without facing any discomfort or pain on your fingertips. The Dragon War Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse is designed ergonomically to offer you extra comfort and reduce the strain on your hands.

Equipped with pinpoint precision, the Dragon War Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse has a special feature called the pinpoint tracking precision helps you easily isolate your target using the laser beams to attain the highest scores in the game.

This mouse is fitted with a 1.8 metres long cord which has a braided fibre cable, and a gold-plated USB connector that provides it with durability.

After installing the mouse driver, a tab window will appear on your computer screen that will let you customise the button alignment, performance and speed, so that you can play with immense precision.

Equipped with the special blue-sensor technology with four selectable DPI settings viz. 800, 1200, 2000 and 3200, this mouse brings to you an exceptional gaming experience.

Driver for Dragonwar ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse

Dragonwar Emera ELE-G11 mouse doesn’t actually require you to download and install a driver for it to be up and running. As soon as you connect the mouse to the PC it automatically installs the driver in less than 10 seconds. But you need a driver software for advanced button mapping, let’s look more on this latter in the post.

How to change DPI on Dragonwar ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse?

There are four different DPI settings available: 800/ 1200/ 2000/ 3200. You can cycle through these DPI settings my clicking on DPI key on mouse, which is located just below the scroll wheel.

How to advanced re-configure and re-map the Dragonwar ELE-G11 mouse buttons?

For this, you need to download the X-Mouse Button Control software. The software allows you to reconfigure and expand the capabilities of your mouse.

X-Mouse Button Control

The Software allows you to create application and window specific profiles. This, in turn, allows you to re-configure your mouse behavior for individual applications or windows. For each profile, you can also configure up to 5 ‘layers’ of different button configurations which you can switch between using hot-keys or mouse buttons.