Tencent Games, the developer of free to play PUBG mobile has released their new free to play game Ring of Elysium. The game is in a sense Free to play PUBG PC. 

The game-play style is similar to any other Battle Royale games. 60 people are trapped in a snow mountain assaulted by deadly snowstorms, the only way to get out is a rescue flight which can only four people. Survivors must stay ahead of the approaching storm while eliminating competition. Just like PUBG but free.

The game is currently in Early Access. Its expected to get better through consecutive updates. The player base is also very limited and there are many game bots. The player movement is also kinda jagged. As in most early games there are glitches and bugs, but the updates are very helpful each time. The developers also listen to players in the support forums to improve the game.  Shooting mechanics are well designed like PUBG, there is bullet drop off, bullet travel time, bullet penetration. So the shooting will take time to master if you are not used to similar games like PUBG.
The map is divided into many regions. As the game progresses regions will be affected by snow storm where the players will be affected by hypothermia which will cause them to loose health overtime. This will push players into small regions making them fight and loot each other in order to survive similar to PUBG.

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