Tom Clancy’s Ghost break point is a brand new adventure that builds on the foundation that has made Wildlands so successful. The ghost Recon breaking point follows the story of an Elite American Special Operations Unit known as Ghosts and similar to past games, fighting the enemy threat on a completely new island called Aurora. Ubisoft’s demo game of Ghost Recon breaking point was enough to inspire me for the next title. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint takes the open – world wildland setup and weaves into new mechanisms inspired by survival and looter – type genres, such as crafting and leveling booty. Wildlands does not boast much of the enemy variety, but the Ghost Recon breaking point will improve with fresh enemy archetypes, ranging from heavies with miniguns to drones the size of cars. Ubisoft has embraced the branching dialogue trees in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and now Ghost Recon breaking point is entering the action, offering a range of dialog options during the mid – mission’s cut scenes. 

Launched two years ago, Ghost Recon Wildlands crippled Tom Clancy’s long-standing series into a new trajectory, armed with a vast ( some say excessive ) open – world, untethered cooperative game for up to four players, a constantly evolving experience that is still up to date. Recovering control of the island will not be easy when drones are constantly falling on your site, but with the technology that is taking center stage, you expect much more variety in combat battles than in the wilderness. It is even more disappointing, given that the breakpoint has 30 vehicles, many of which are heavily armored or armed. Ubisoft has several promising plans to support breakthroughs, including adding more story content, seasonal events, new classes, and even incursions into the endgame.


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There have been many civilians who can scare and raise the alarm, so we have gone with a stealthy approach, sending a drone for a more aerial view, and hunting for quiet paths through the glittering white buildings. Ubisoft unveiled plans for a series of two new story missions last week called Operation Oracle: they are The stars of Jon Bernthal ( also known as The Punisher ). If the breaking point of the spirit can actually make me want to hide, and at the same time serve a few Jon Bernthal smoked, it certainly deserves a place on your Amazon wish list. 

While wilderness allowed for custom cargo – you could complete most of the game with an attack rifle and grenade launcher attachment, if you choose to – break down the distribution of benefits, skills, and weapons into specialized roles. In addition, Breakpoint has a shared progression in all modes: your character enhancements will move from one player to another, to the PvP mode, which has not yet been revealed. But if Ubisoft writers can’t find a way to reconcile their delicate narrative material with the game that surrounds them, the breaking point could be an extension of the wilderness. 

According to Ubisoft, players will have to sink for hours to achieve a great goal at the end of the game’s story, which will be a confrontation with Walker, who will hopefully help explain his dishonest behavior, the attempts to kill nomads, and other works of heroism throughout the time. In bivouacs, players can create bandages, rations or gear that can be exchanged between players in a multiplayer game session. The synchronization shot allows players to knock down 4 enemies at once ( one per teammate ) and can be played by solo players, using UAVs, making interesting game decisions – and funny arguments with friends about who is shooting too early. Players will be able to maintain skills, weapons, and equipment regardless of the mode in which they acquire them, and it will be seamlessly transferred between history, cooperation, and PvP.