Intel has today unveiled its new 9th generation CPUs, along with Intel Xeon and x-series processors. The company revealed three new processors as part of its 9th Generation range: i5-9600k, i7-9700k, and i9-9900k, While the architecture still features 14-nanometre Skylake design first introduced in 2015.

It’s not unusual for Intel as seen with the launch of its eighth-generation CPU family in August 2017, although the initial chips, based on a refreshed seventh generation design, focused on thin and light laptops instead of desktops. The company is in dire need of an 8-core processor for the mainstream market, which has introduced 8-core chips in 2017 with the launch of its first Ryzen processors. It’s the company’s first processor with a 5ghz band and the company’s first basic 8 core 16 wire processor, complete with a TIM Solder.

Intel has also released a number of other additions to its new line of the 9th Generation Core processors and announced that the new CPUs are delivered with the Thermal Interface Material. As expected, the company is dividing its families into the Core i7 and i5 models, but the 9th Generation Core processors also mark the debut of the new 8-core i9 series for the desktop.

Intel’s Core i9 9900k processor is reported as the flagship model in the new processor’s family, with eight cores and 16 wires. Intel’s benchmarking technology will be the AMD Ryzen 7, 2700x and the last ninth generation of Intel chipset processors and will address the previous issues that tilt the reference results to Intel .

Intel is hyping its Core X CPUs, and how they are” burning a pa”. .Intel is now talking about its high-end desktop processors, including Intel Xeon w-3175x, which has already been mentioned. Ok, processors are not the world’s most sexy products, but we love the recent arms race between Intel and AMD, so it will be great to see how Intel reacts to the second generation of Ryzen CPUs