The appearance of the Galaxy A9 brings it closer to the high-end than the middle segment, as well as its price, although that is another issue. Now we have to talk about design, materials, and finishes, and here the terminal complies with the note. The first sensation in sustaining it is that we have a quality mobile, a feeling that has been maintained throughout this month.

The Galaxy A9 attracts glances with that striking gradient back, although it is also true that the fact that it is made of glass also attracts traces, something that is a quite burdensome reflective effect. In all this time it has been difficult for me to keep it clean. Of course, the material does not transmit fragility at all, quite the opposite. About size and weight, no complaints. Yes, it is a fairly large mobile, but the grip is comfortable and feels very good in the hand. It has a drawback and is that when you take it with one hand sometimes there are accidental pulsations with the base of the thumb and it is a bit annoying. We continue in the back and we can not ignore the design of the module of the cameras, an element also attracts looks, and is that it is not unusual to find phones with a quad camera. Although the first time it seems strange, the solution is quite discreet within what fits. Besides, it does not stand out much and when putting it on the table the mobile does not ‘dance’.

In the front, the screen is the absolute protagonist. We have somewhat wider frames up and down, but the compaction is good and is proof that you do not need notch to get a clear front. Speaking of the screen, another section in which the Galaxy A9 takes very good note. We have a wide, clear panel with the guarantee of contrast of the Super AMOLED. The calibration is good although a bit cold, but it can be configured from settings easily.

In Korea, Samsung Fay signed up 1 million people in the first two months of its launch and exceeded 10 million people in April this year. It has been recognized as a competitor in overseas markets and has entered 24 countries on six continents. However, the Galaxy A9, which aims to be the best performance camera, has been released from the A9, and it has been said that it is unfortunate. The Samsung Galaxy A8, which has been released with a dual camera in January of this year, seems to have a bigger space for Samsung F & A on the Galaxy A9 as Samsung Fay entered the market.

The Galaxy A9 requires four lenses for quad cameras and four image sensors that convert light to digital signals. If you add the MST payment module here, the price increase is a natural result. It seems that it was difficult to carry all the functions to maintain the position of the middle-range phone. The Samsung Galaxy Series first rear triple camera phone Galaxy A7, launched in October, was not equipped with Samsung Pay.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch, which was launched in August this year, also missed Samsung Fay. I entered the previous Gear S, but only NFC and MST are not supported. Nowadays, NFC handsets are not widely available, so it seems that Samsung Pay is not supported. Now, to use Samsung Pay, there is no alternative to premium phones.

The four cameras on the Galaxy A9 are equipped with a 5-megapixel camera that measures depth, in addition to a 120-degree wide angle of 800 megapixels, a 24-megapixel standard, and a 10-megapixel zoom. The depth camera is for Live Focus, which allows you to adjust the bokeh effect freely after shooting with a standard camera. It also includes an intelligent camera that adjusts the mode to suit the camera situation and a function that lets you know when a shaky or eye-catching picture is taken in real time. The Galaxy A9 features a 6.3-inch display with 2220 x 1080 pixels at 18.5: 9, and the processor uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. The RAM can be either 6GB or 8GB, and the default storage space is 128GB, but it can be up to 512GB. The battery is equipped with a 3,800mAh battery, but the wireless charger is excluded. This product will be released in Korea in October but the exact price has not been set. However, it will be released at a price of around 700 dollars in foreign countries. Also, it seems to be a problem to overcome the design which seems to be somewhat vulgar by arranging four cameras vertically.


While others have switched to Android 9. 0, Samsung stays with Android 8. 0 on Galaxy A9. Major technology players such as Honor, Xiaomi, LG and Sony have launched a range of smartphones this year, but some gaming devices have never reached the Indian market. Inside there is a high – end Huawei Kirin 980 processor, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 128 or 256 GB SSD and 3, 500mah battery. The 24mp galaxy A9 front camera with innovative, low – light technology allows you to shine day and night. The Galaxy A9 is home to a powerful Octa-Core processor with a powerful 6gb or 8gb RAM. The Galaxy A9 has a massive 3800 mah battery power for longer streaming, chatting and playing.

Samsung’s smartphone users don’t have to drive without an audio socket at 3. 5 mm. After connecting the Galaxy A9 ( 2018 ) headset or external loudspeakers, the mid-range phone supports Dolby Atmos, which provides 3d surround sound. The Galaxy A9 ( 2018 ) is at the top of the league in terms of color and brightness. Other features include an infrared device that unlocks the display fingerprint scanner and a fast charging 40w via USB – C. The mix3 is the first Xiaomi phone with a mechanical slider that hides the dual camera configuration. Other features include a 13mp camera with HDR and EIS, a USB port with CC, wireless charge, expandable storage and a fingerprint scanner on the back. Take great pictures with the world’s first four – lens camera and Immerse yourself in the wide 6, 3 “Infinity Display and Dolby Atmos surround sound. The Galaxy A9 smart camera is equipped with a Scene Optimizer that automatically detects the subject of the photo and selects from nineteen different modes of operation to optimize the image. Day or night, get crispy and bright selfies on the 24mp Galaxy A9 front camera, with innovative low – light technology that enhances brightness and reduces noise.

Only Samsung Fanboys like his commentary and there are a lot of them here. And the Phone Arena has given Samsung and many other brands the best brands on many phones, not just Apple. The score may be low, but a phone that is proud of its camera capabilities, but producing such bad inconsistencies deserves a low rating. The location services work through major satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou and SBAS satellite enhancement system. Even inside, the Galaxy A9 is quite fast, but only with four-meter precision. Photos taken by a 24 MP primary camera in natural light provide great details and good color rendering, but the highly recommended selling price of a mid-sized smartphone is not at all reflected in the quality of the photos. As is very common with front cameras, Samsung’s phone recordings are usually too exposed.
Phones must be checked, not against flagships, but against other phones in the same class.